Sunday, August 30, 2009


by Lollii-pii

The illustration demonstrates how humans were considered us the highest form of being among other living creatures in terms of spiritual values and intellectual capacities, among others. Humans were also designated to be the caretakers of every thing that belongs to the world.

Creatures born of the human flesh are capable of doing various things including logical thinking which separates them from other living creatures. Human beings are given the gift to speak and move on its own accord without even being dragged upon. Unlike animals who barely have their own shelter nor have the knowledge of the world, humans transcend all living creatures in all aspects. Humans can use their resources well but some times, they use it too well that it ends up too bad. Anyways, aside from being a high-ranked creature, human beings bore great knowledge over things wordly and even in spirit-connected subjects. They can also distinguish what is right from what seemed wrong. Humans can invent various inventions which will be use by the future generations. Humans are given a chance to learn and yearn. Humans have their own goals and plans while other living species can only do basic things and learn nothing from them. Humans are the chosen caretakers of the world.

"Oh Lord God you have made the heaven and the Earth with your great power and outstretched arms. To you nothing is impossible".

When I was in the midst of being held as a prisoner of that egregious wold where darkness is like no other and suffering was nothing but a pleasure, you have shown mercy to me by conferring me the light my mortal self longed for and for providing me some one whose teaching was of great significance to my persona. I have followed your counsel and am genuinely grateful unto you, Oh Lord. As a result, I earned a better life where a hint of dim light is nothing but a mere illusion.I thank you Lord for thy aid unto my pitiful condition and for your vast understanding. Amen