Saturday, April 18, 2009


It matters so little how much you may own,

The places you've been or the people you've known;
For it all comes to nothing when placed at His feet,
It's nothing to JESUS, Just mem'ries to keep.

Chorus: Only one life, so soon it will pass;
Only what's done for Christ will last!
Only one chance to do His will;
So give to Jesus all your days,
It's the only life that pays,

When you recall you have but ONE LIFE!
You may take all the treasures from far away lands,
Take all the riches you can hold in your hands
And take all the pleasures your money can buy,

what will you have when it's your time to die?

The days pass so swiftly, the months come and go,
The years meltaway like now fallen snow;
Spring turns to summer, summer to fall,

Autumn brings winter, then death comes to to call!

Have you heard about this song? If not, I beg you to read it. After reading please understand what its meaning.

Yes, this song mean a lot for me, a song that opened my heart . While singing this song, I felt the joy in my heart, because HE let me understand the importance of my LIFE. It is not too late for us to be committed with Him, He given us more time to do our free will, the free will to Know Him, to Love Him and to Serve Him. Don't let our life be wasted, because whatever riches you have in this world, how famous you are in the universe, if you never find the will of God, then everything is worthless. Let be in God's hand to have a harmonious life. Be contented of what you have then feel the joy He offers. We have ONLY ONE LIFE and we don't know our time, it is not too late for you to enjoy the gracious love of our God. Through His Son we are SAVE. Don't let the world empowered you.

Mark 8:36. "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Simon from Cyrene Carries Jesus' Cross

"A man named Simon from Cyrene, the father of Alexander and Rufus, was coming from the fields to the city. The soldiers forced Simon to carry the cross for Jesus" (Mk. 15:21)
Simon grumbles beneath his breath. His patience is as scarce as space on the Jerusalem streets. He'd hoped for a peaceful Passover. The city is anything but quiet. Simon prefers his open fields. And now, to top it off, the Roman guards are clearing the path for some who-knows-which-dignitary who'll march his soldiers and strut his stallion past the people.
"There he is!"
Simon's head and dozens of others turn. In an instant they know. This is no dignitary.
"It's a crucifixion," he hears someone whisper. Four soldiers. One criminal. Four spears. One cross. The inside corner of the cross saddles the convict's shoulders. Its base drags in the dirt. Its top teeters in the air. The condemned man steadies the cross the best he can, but stumbles beneath its weight. He pushes himself to his feet and lurches forward before falling again. Simon can't see the man's face, only a head wreathed with thorny branches.
The sour-faced centurion grows more agitated with each diminishing step. He curses the criminal and the crowd.
"Hurry up!"
"Little hope of that," Simon says to himself.
The cross-bearer stops in front of Simon and heaves for air. Simon winces at what he sees. The beam rubbing against an already raw back. Rivulets of crimson streaking the man's face. His mouth hangs open, both out of pain and out of breath.
"His name is Jesus," someone speaks softly.
"Move on!" commands the executioner.
But Jesus can't. His body leans and feet try, but he can't move. The beam begins to sway. Jesus tries to steady it, but can't. Like a just-cut tree, the cross begins to topple toward the crowd. Everyone steps back, except the farmer. Simon instinctively extends his strong hands and catches the cross.
Jesus falls face-first in the dirt and stays there. Simon pushes the cross back on its side. The centurion looks at the exhausted Christ and the bulky bystander and needs only an instant to make the decision. He presses the flat of his spear on Simon's shoulders.
"You! Take the cross!"
Simon dares to object, "Sir, I don't even know the man!"
"I don't care. Take up the cross."
Simon growls, balances the timber against his shoulder, and steps out of the crowd onto the street, out of anonymity into history, and becomes the first in a line of millions who will take up the cross and follow Christ.
He did literally what God calls us to do figuratively: take up the cross and follow Jesus. "If any of you want to be my followers, you must forget about yourself. You must take up your cross each day and follow me" (Lk. 9:23 CEV).

By Max Lucado